In Knowing Whats Best


In Knowing Whats Best is the fire, the words, the desire, the faith, the chance, the freedom,the honor, the colour, the love, the lust, the high, the haze, the chapters call craze, the rage, the water, the green, the blue,the anger, the hurt, the abused, the lost, the found, the kicked to the ground, the thrown out of town, the keeping it in when pushed out of bounds, the vibrations and they’re rhythmic sounds, the sun with a smile pressed stars caused a frown, but its the stars, the sky with all 9 planets and a million galaxies, but this is timelines and the recordings of history, the pen met the pad my thoughts speak cleverly, they called me washed up but no never me, and im not a “gangsta” just a soul is whose free, But while locked up fell in love with poetry, Now no one can come and incarcerate me, its the gum stuck underneath there shoe,but drew at there moves, and knew what to do, and i dont have it all i just got a clue, and no im not greedy so im not a jew, Metaphorically speaking dont really hate you, im finding cures for my doses of flu, as if its playing to a metranome right on cue, i have faith but dont kneel out of a pue, yes dear blessed I am here with you, just like you snake under my shoe, but sometimes the patience will brew, Im sorry to this I am rather new, I have alot to grow from what I grew, I learn alot to know to add with what i knew. You get the idea just read on, my words are wind and your mind will be gone.

2009-under the influence                                 09-10 WORDS HAVE A VOICE


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